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Al Batinah North, Oman, fishing. Where to go fishing and which fish will be better biting.

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Al Ghūnah farm village Al Khābūrah populated place As Suwayq populated place
Liwá populated place Saham populated place Shināş populated place
Sohar city

Water bodies

Baţḩat Khawr Ḩammām inlet Baţḩā’ al Ghalīl inlet Khawr Baţḩā’ inlet
Khawr Dalāl landing Khawr Dīl inlet Khawr Khamīs inlet
Khawr Mubrad landing Khawr Rusul inlet Khawr Wudām landing
Khawr al Asrah inlet Khawr al Hind inlet Khawr al ‘Udhaybah inlet
Khawr Ḑiyān inlet Raşīf Majīs Baḩrī pier Ra’s al Hijārī point
Ra’s Şallān point Wādī Baţḩā’ inlet Wādī Bū Baqarah inlet
Wādī Uthābah inlet Wādī aş Şuraymah inlet